Four Blocks South

We just completed traveling to every state and interviewing one person who lives or works four blocks south of their state capitol. We are asked every participant the same series of questions. We are now in the process of producing a series of videos containing the responses of all 50 participants. Each video will concentrate on one question from our set of interview questions. Below are some sample questions and quotes from our participants.



Rory Walter

Phoenix, AZ - Diesel Technician, Business Owner

What is home to you? 

I'm from another country so it took a long time to call this home, but this is now my home. This is a beautiful country, it's the best in the world. Everybody here moans and groans but lets be honest, it's a beautiful place and it's safe.

Lauri Turner

Austin, TX - Hatter, Haberdasher, and Millinery Artist

What does your average day consist of? 

Hats mostly. We hat the film and music industry. We hat the locals and the tourists. We're the hatter for the state of Texas and the city of Austin. We're also the hatter on record for the University of Texas, hatting the marching band. If somebody is in Texas and they’re wearing a hat and it looks right, it probably came from us. It's not a chain store, we actually know what we're doing. These are classically trained haberdashers.

Derek Bourque

Baton Rouge, LA - Bar Manager, Filmmaker

WHat makes you feel accomplished? 

Truly making an impact on someone else. I can do a lot of things for myself and feel like I've done work or moved forward, but unless somebody else acknowledges that, unless you've done something to impact someone else's life... Selfishness can be an accomplishment, but really that's not what moves us.

Neshamah Amatsiah

Tallahassee, FL - Natural Hair Care Professional

Why did you Choose your profession? 

I get to interact with a lot of different people from different walks of life. Everyday is pretty different because of the interaction with the different types of people.


Will Stallings

Columbia, SC - Freshman Medicine Student at the University of South Carolina

What's the one accomplishment you're most proud of?

I think I’d have to say… Accepting that I’m gay. It was a big thing for me.

Kevin Gunter

Atlanta, GA - General Manager and Cook at Bullpen Rib House

What is the craziest thing you've ever done?

Landing [a plane] in Cedar Key, Florida. It's a very very very very short airstrip and it's water on one end and water on the other. It's one of those airstrips that when you take off you actually see planes that didn't make it still submerged in the water.

John Thomas Kirk

Montgomery, AL - DUI Defense Lawyer

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

Back in the day when I did a lot of backpacking with my brother... I got to 13,800 feet. I had a few pictures taken and that's as high as I've ever got. I don't smoke grass so I don't get high on anything except mountains, mountains and books.

Jennifer Deaton

Jackson, MS - Canon for Pastoral Care in the Episcopal Diocese

What was your dream Job Growing up?

For the longest time I wanted to be the first female fighter pilot... I was going to fly F-15's.


Wilma Foster

Little Rock, AR - House Operations Manager at the Ronald McDonald House Charities

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as the lady who planned her own funeral, who showed up 35 minutes late, and the crowd had to wait on me. That's how I want to go out of here. I put a lot of thought into it. I'd get everybody in the house and then roll in 35 minutes late. That's it.

Linda L. Askins

Oklahoma City, OK - Retired State Worker, Counsel on Judicial Complaints

What makes you Happiest? 

I don't really think that way... When I get up in the morning I'm happy. I made it! I'm above the dirt today. That's it! Makes me pretty happy.

Daniel Clark

Santa Fe, NM - Owner and Operator of Inn of the Turquoise Bear

What do you do when you're sad?

I withdraw. That's when I get on my Harley. I get out, away from people... I call it road therapy, or air therapy, wind therapy... That lifts me up like nothing else.


Yvonne Putze

Salem, OR - Executive Director at Deepwood Museum & Gardens

What is one lesson you would want your (make a wish) kids Never to forget? 

To really go after what you want to do... Don't wait, don't think that some day you'll get around to it. Because we don't know what the future holds. So go after those things that you want. And don't be afraid of whether it's going to upset someone else. At a point in your life you have to say, "I'm going to go chase that dream that I have"

Franklin C. Anderson

Olympia, WA - Retired City Planner

What is your biggest regret in life? 

Well, I did not go for pilot training in the air force. I qualified for flight school. And they changed the tour from three years to five years after my bachelors degree. And I declined to sign up for something that was five years. That was a long time in that tender age of 21. I turned down flight school and I always wonder when a plane goes over, what if I had taken that other path in life. What would have happened? You never know. That was a crossroads and you always wonder what was behind the other door. You never know.

IMG_3288 (1).jpg

Ivory DeMar

Carson City, NV - Senior High School Student, Reserve Officers' Training Corps

If money was not a barrier what would you do with you life? 

I would like to travel the world in one of those hippy vans and just live out of it. That’s always interested me. That’s something that I do want to do after college. But… Money.


Art Barrios

Denver, CO - Accountant at a Hotel

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? 

Bought a plane ticket randomly to go to portland, first ticket we saw. Went to portland, spent twenty four hours there and just came right back.


Luz Maria Romero

Topeka, KS - Vendedora o Merciente (Seller, Merchant)

What’s the most unexpected kindness from a stranger?

Pues como te diré, recibirme en sus casas, varias personas, es bonito. Y favores que hacen aunó. (Well, let me see how I can tell you. [People] receiving me in their homes, several people, it’s beautiful. And even the favors they do.)


Charlie St. Onge

Jefferson City, MO - Jefferson City Police Officer

What is one thing you wish people would understand better about you?

Who I am as a person. I’ve got a family that I go home to. And a lot of people see us... all law enforcement... they see you just as a police officer. And I wish that a lot of people would understand that it’s our profession, but at the same time we have family and friends we go home to every night, every day. It’s a job that there’s a lot of give and take. I feel like a lot of people look at policing as just, “That’s who that person is.” And there’s a lot more to a person than just that.


caki gray

Nashville, TN - Director of Membership at the Barbershop Harmony Society

What makes you happiest? 

Singing…well, my husband, but singing…I enjoy singing, I get the most spontaneous glee from ringing chords together, making sweet harmonies with my friends.



Raleigh, NC - Barber

How do you define love?

An action word, a verb, love is action.



Richmond, VA - Design Consultant, Printmaker

What color does your profession remind you of?

Henna Orange.


Joann Vaughan

Annapolis, MD - Executive Director & Curator at the Maryland Federation of Art

What is the most important lesson you have learned the hard way?

That circumstances change, and that it doesn’t matter…it matters more how you handle failure than how you handle success. Success is easy, um, getting up and brushing yourself off again, and going back out there…getting back on the horse sort of speak, is hard, but it is really, really important. Because if you let bad things overwhelm you, you can never move forward.



Dover, DE - Second Grade Teacher

What is the most unexpected kindness from a stranger?

We had a house fire and somebody sent me a check for 1500 dollars. It was very unexpected.



Harrisburg, PA - Gallery Assistant and Artist

What is your most annoying habit?

I kinda like myself. I like my habits. I don’t have a distasteful opinion of myself.


Diang zhao

Trenton, NJ - Retired City Bus Driver

Do you have any nicknames?




Hartford, CT - Postal Clerk at USPS

what is one household object that represents you?

That’s a good question. I think the ice box because it is usually full of food and I try to be that way myself.


david j annicchiarico

Concord, NH - Third Generation Cobbler

If you had only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Consistent… I wouldn’t say I pride myself on it but I appreciate that my life is pretty simple. You know, I have other people come in and tell me about the drama that’s been going on in their lives, and this, that, and the other thing. And I’m like, you know? I’m glad my life is “boring”… My biggest question is am I going to get my work done and what’s for dinner!

27 Boston.JPG

Katleen St Fleur

Boston, MA - Traffic Coordinator at 88.9 and Host of Secret Spot

Why did you choose your profession?

I wouldn’t say I chose my profession, I kind of fell into it. I mean it’s something within the media realm, media is where I want to be in. I feel like it’s more of a transitional job…something to get my foot into the door.



Providence, RI - Performer & De-escalation Specialist

What is your most annoying habit?

I don’t have any annoying habits. I love myself, my cholesterol is good, my blood pressure is good, I love how I look, I have six of these same dresses, there have been people as I mentioned, who find me to be a-n-n-o-w-i-n-g, which I find to be a slang word, swear word, but I…I don’t annoy myself, that would be ridiculous.



Augusta, MA - Office Associate at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

if you could have the answer to any question, what would that question be?

How to make everybody happy!



Montpelier, VT - Part-Time Administrator & Logistics Coordinator at a Non Profit

What does your average day consist of?

Average day…well now we are into summer, so it is changing, but it has been getting up around 6:30, reading my Bible, getting the kids ready for school, getting myself ready, getting to school, playing with my daughter who is four, who is home most of the day, um, fixing lunches, uh, just getting the kids from school, and then being a mom, being a wife, going to baseball games, entertaining…the kids mostly.


Nathan Wray

Albany, NY - Operator of a Wash and Fold and Banquet Chef at the Hilton of Albany

if you could get on a televised talent Show what would you do?

I would create a website and hold up a sign with my website on it at the end so I could get some more traffic.

32-salt lake city.jpg


Salt Lake City, UT - Cashier at Lion House Pantry

do you have pets?

Yes, we have lots of pets. We have a horse and a llama. We have a pet llama! and we used to have sheep but then we ate them *laughter* and chickens and we have a dog and three cats and fish and we had honey bees.



Boise, ID - Valet

what’s a lesson you would want your kids never to forget?

I have always taught my kids to be kind and to stand up to what they are worth and the worst somebody can do is tell you no. You got to ask it, the worse they can do is tell you no and you thank the person for their time and walk away.


loren oelkeus

Helena, MT - Retired Military


To serve my country and I never thought I’d make a career of it but I did. When I first joined the military I had to sign up for 6 years and I thought, oh my god I will never last 6 years! 34 years later I retired.


joseph vuolo

Bismarck, ND - College Professor

What is your biggest regret in life?

I suppose the biggest one would have been to maybe be a little closer to my mother than I was…and I felt I was really close to her that’s the odd thing… But I think it was just that I couldn’t let her know how much I really cared for her… She didn’t really understand that, so I think that is my biggest regret, I wish she would have. No words seem to be enough. 

36-st. paul.jpg


St Paul, MN - Exhibition and Attraction Developer

What is the most important lesson you have learned the hard way?

Jumping in without being prepared, sometimes that is called for, it is important to be able to do that, but if you have the ability to step back, prepare yourself, make sure you play the chess board before you step onto it, that’s always the best thing. 



Madison, WI - Phycologist and Family Therapist

How long have you lived here?

In Madison or in this location? *This location. Four days.



Lansing, MI - Bead Crafter


I don’t drive. I can’t drive at all. I took the test twice and flunked it. And they said, “no you can’t see, blind as a bat.”



Charleston, WV - Property Manager

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

That one I probably won’t share but I’ll give you a mild something… me and three other guys went naked off a ripsaw, all at the same time, holding different parts of the rope.


Richard CESAR

Columbus, OH - Private Security

what is your favourite food?

Macaroni and cheese. I love it, since I was a kid. Baked, kraft … okay not everybody’s mac and cheese, I can say that because not everybody knows how to make mac and cheese but my favorite dish is mac and cheese.



Indianapolis, IN - Lyft Driver and Portrait Artist

what is home to you?

Home is a place where I recharge my batteries and review my thoughts and my approaches to life and my personal war or how to maintain my survival. A place of refuge, a place to recalibrate and recharge my batteries.



Frankfort, KY - Retired Violin Teacher

what is something you do that always makes people laugh?

Probably backing the rear of the car into a parking space. That’s pretty amusing, getting it between the lines. I’m a good driver but I’m no good at backing up. It takes a major project to get that and I am sure anybody watching would just think “get her off the road, take away her license!” but actually I would be amused if I saw myself try.



Springfield, IL - School Based Case Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters

how do you define love?

Missing someone after just seeing them 20 minutes ago.

44-des moines.jpg


Des Moines, IA - Weekend Manager and Pet Care Associate

what makes you happiest?

Dogs…*laughter*… It’s so dumb but yeah dogs.


Ronnie dahakeopf

Lincoln, NE - Retired


That she is still alive.



Pierre, SD - Manager, Parks and Recreation

When was the last time you spent a full day in nature?

In a way, kinda every day, the parks are kind of a little bit, even though they are in the city, it’s nature, it’s got trees, so kinda every day. 


Marian Orr

Cheyenne, WY - Mayor of the City Of Cheyenne


Oh, I am most proud of becoming mayor and serving our community. I have a lot of respect for anybody that runs for office, it is a lot of hard work. You certainly can’t please everybody but I feel very accomplished in this role.


Jet Philips

Sacramento, CA - “What is your occupation?” … “Sleep!”

If you could master one skill you don’t have right now what would it be?



Lauren Reyna

Juneau, AK - Busser / Hostess




Masanori Shimazu

Honolulu, HI - Scuba Diving Instructor




After a little over 2 years we have finally completed all 50 interviews!

We will post updates soon!