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As We Travel These Miles

We started this year with only the slightest idea
of all of the places we would go.
South and then east was our plan
and that was to avoid the snow. 
Who would have known
that by chasing good weather
we’d drive over thirty one thousand
miles together. 
We went coast to coast twice
across twenty five states
to a third of the four corners
and still so much awaits. 
From islands and waves and deserts and caves
to mountains and fountains and forest and arcs
we visited 33 of 59 National Parks.
Realizing our journey is not yet through
what we thought would be one year
we’ve decided to make two.


The most common question we’re asked
is how do we do it? 
So if you’re curious to know
here’s how we get through it: 
We built our own house, a tiny home on wheels, 
we use solar for power, a gym to shower, 
and always cook all our own meals. 
Two plates, two forks, two spoons, and two knives
we don’t have stuff we don’t need
to clutter our lives. 
We work in the mornings
it takes some hustle and grind
but we always have fun
and make time to unwind. 
But that’s about it! 
That’s all that it takes, 
most all that you’ll need to travel the States. 


And oh, the people you’ll meet!
family and friends, strangers and rangers
campers and hikers and long distance bikers
Hitchhikers and scriptwriters alike,
they all have a story to tell. 
Stories of history
 and theories on mysteries of the earth. 
It’s worth the risk and even some rejection, 
to make a new friend and lifelong connection. 


We could go on and on
but we don’t want to bore you. 
See our websites below
with projects to explore through. 
We thank you for you, for all that you do. 
For all of the laughs and all of the smiles
for sharing your story
as we travel these miles. 

Love, Christopher & Damaris


2016 Annual Update


Approaching 177 miles per hour, we entered the year of 2016 with the fasten seatbelt sign on as we ascended to a cruising altitude of 39,370 feet. We have since slowed down, but the excitement of takeoff is still with us. Here is a brief update of our year and our upcoming plans: 

January 1st we landed in Lisbon, Portugal. Besides the deadline of our return tickets, we had no plans, no appointments, and no reservations to keep. We completed most of our responsibilities of work and school while aboard one of the 167 trains we rode between 77 cities across 33 countries. Each new city left us in wonder of its diverse inhabitants, culture, and art. And with everyone we met we were reminded of how much we all have in common. We find that travel never fails to prescribe new lenses with which to see the world. 

As we neared the end of our journey, we were able to accomplish our goal of locating Christopher’s biological grandfather in Greece. Although he was unable to meet with us in person, it was well worth our efforts to be able to speak with this retired A.I. professor who played a minor but somewhat essential role in Christopher’s existence. 

After Europe we sought out a little more stability as we dove back into school and work. We ended up moving onto an 80 foot yacht in the San Francisco Bay. Aside from 2 weeks in Yosemite National Park and 2 weeks in Mexico we remained local and enjoyed daily views of the sun setting behind the golden gate bridge. 

Thank you to all of you who have shared a piece of your lives with us this year. The love you show for your partner, children, family, and/or strangers is truly an inspiration and example to us.

To all of our family and friends, old and new, across Europe, we want you to know how thankful we are for your incredible hospitality and kindness. We were consistently humbled by the generosity shown to us and hope that we too will have such a meaningful impact on others. We miss you all and look forward to the next time we will meet. 

To all of our family and friends at home, we want you to know that our journeys would not be the same without your love and excitement for us as we travel. Time on the road always makes us realize how precious each of you are. We do not take for granted the time we’ve been able to spend with many of you this past year. 

Once again we plan to start the new year with a new adventure. It occurred to us that we’ve been to 7 times more countries than to U.S. states. So we’ve decided we want to spend some more time getting to know our country. We bought a 2008 Ford E-350 that we plan to use as our mode of transportation and lodging. For the last couple months we’ve spent most of our free time converting it into a cozy tiny house on wheels. Our plan is to visit national parks and monuments, state parks and capitals, points of interest, and of course family and friends. If all goes according to plan we will hit the road January 1st. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. 

Christopher & Damaris McGee


2015 Annual Update


Only three months married in the new year of 2015, we had many ideas of how to spend the twelve months. It has turned out to be a year full of joy and accomplishments. Here is a brief update:  

This year began with us living in Fullerton, CA near Christopher's family. Damaris attended Fullerton college where she wrapped up nearly all her general education requirements before transferring as a junior bachelor of arts candidate. Christopher, having recently quit his job to start a business, incorporated on January 15th. For the following months life continued as such, working and schooling.

At the end of May, we threw our few belongings into storage to embark on a new adventure. June 1st we began our 30-day, 2000-mile, unassisted tandem cycling tour down the pacific coast. We rode from Canada to Mexico to raise money for After an amazing and unforgettable journey we relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area near Damaris' family. 

Since then Christopher has been spending his time reestablishing his business and learning how to acclimate his motorcycle to the El Niño rains. Damaris, on the other hand, has been discovering the many joys of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system as she attends Golden Gate University and works part time in San Francisco. 

Last week we decided to start the new year with a new adventure. January 1st we will leave for Europe and return 3 months later on April 1st. We will start in Portugal and work our way east across the continent ending in Turkey. We hope to see and learn about as many countries and cultures as we possibly can. Additionally while in Greece, we hope to find Christopher's biological grandfather. During our travels Damaris will continue her education with online classes and Christopher his business from wifi hotspots. 

We have made so many new friends this year and we have grown so much closer together. We are so thankful to God, our family, and our friends for the countless blessings we have received this past year. You have contributed to our first year of marriage in ways that you may not realize, we greatly appreciate you. We ask for your prayers as we travel. And if you are able, please write us a note about what is going on in your life as facebook pictures often fail to tell the full story. 

Christopher & Damaris McGee

Christipher & Damaris 2014.jpeg

2014 Annual Update

Since our engagement and marriage this past year, we’ve made a few resolutions. One of them is to write annual updates and send them out with our Christmas cards every year. Our hope is that this will keep us accountable to not let years of our life slip by without purpose. 

This year has been packed full of change for us. Changes in location, colleges, and employment. Highlighted month by month we’ve written a short summary of some of the developments throughout this year.  

January Christopher, having just completed his last semester in college in Washington DC, found himself newly indebted and unemployed. He followed the lead of many a university alumni and moved in with his parents and spent most of his time looking for a job. Damaris, on the other hand, toward the beginning of her college career, transferred schools and moved down to Orange County to be closer to Christopher. 

February Christopher entered an interview for position as a part time graphic designer at a pharmaceutical distribution company and came out with an offer to be the branch manager. He took the job. 

March was filled mostly with work and school. Although we were able to sneak in a mini adventure as we brought Christopher’s motorcycle down from storage. We took highway 1 down the sunny Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Orange County. 

April 14th, atop the tallest waterfall in North America, Christopher proposed to Damaris and she said yes. That night at the base of lower Yosemite Falls we watched as silver moonbows formed in the mist of the falls to the light of a full moon. In the earliest hours of the morning we watched as the moon passed into the earth's shadow for a total lunar eclipse. 

May was brightened with the beginning of daily 5:00am workouts at crossfit. A trend not likely to end soon. 

June we found ourselves spending a 12 hour layover touring a few of the many attractions of New York City. Our next plane took us to Spain where we spent 5 weeks visiting Damaris' 11 aunts and uncles, 31 cousins, and all their spouses and partners. 

July we returned to the United States where we slept off the jetlag on the beaches of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley. 

August arrived and Damaris went back for yet another semester in college. With Christopher back at work full time, she spent her days off working as a nanny and babysitter to many of the families on a street lined with purple jacaranda trees. 

September 16th around noon we walked into San Francisco City Hall. With only our immediate families present the deputy marriage commissioner pronounced us husband and wife in a wonderfully brief ceremony in the rotunda under the dome. 

October was a wonderful first month of marriage, ripe with corny week-iversaries, flowers, and love notes. 

November we took some time from the busyness of life to spend with our families and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. 

December is here and we will soon enter a new year. We are excited for what will come and where we will go. Until next year.


Christopher & Damaris McGee